Neolithic Art Gallery Auction terms and conditions :

1. Bidders must register to participate in the auction. Registration requires one piece of Photo ID, credit card information, and a $100 deposit.

2. Bidders must follow standard bidding increments, as outlined by the auctioneer during the auction process.

3. The final hammer price for each item is subject to GST, PST and the Seller's commission rate charged by Neolithic of 21%. (If pay by credit card, Seller’s commission rate is 23%)

4. Hammer prices are taken as the final price to be paid. Successful bidders are required to pay the full amount of successful bids within 48 hours, or they will bear the responsibility of breach of contract. Neolithic Art Gallery reserves the right to notify relevant credit institutions of the violation, and retain the right to pursue violations to the full extent of the law.

5. All sales are final. No sale shall be invalidated by error or inaccuracy in descriptions of an item in catalogues, in verbal description, or otherwise .No liability shall be borne by auction personnel for any such error.

6. In case of discrepancies or disagreement regarding final hammer prices, the decision of Neolithic Art Gallery will be taken as final.

7. Individuals assume full liability for any damage or injury which occurs while participating in the auction or while at the auction location.

8. Participating in the auction implies consent to the above terms, and Neolithic Art Gallery reserves the right to interpret the above terms.